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NBE Solutions was founded in 1976 as a full service mailing equipment and cash register dealer.  As technology changed, our company was able to grow into computerized software for point of sale. Today, we specialize in point of sale in the restaurant and hospitality industry.   We are known for top quality hardware, training and service with on-going local support. Our goal is to help you grow and operate your business profitably.

About our NBE Service Team

With 42 years of combined experience at NBE, our service professionals understand how important it is to stay on top of the cutting edge of technology.  Our customers demand it, and we provide it.  Our service and support team are factory trained and certified on our software programs and hardware.  We are experts in the retail business.

About our Software

NBE Solutions has a family of connected applications and services for small and mid-sized businesses.  As professionals in this industry, we search intensely for the best products to sell and support.  You will discover that our software and hardware products are very stable and easy to use.  In addition, they are amazingly innovative for any retail merchant’s application.  The manufacturers we have selected stand behind their products and support us with a very competitive price.